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Shipping Fast Requires a High Degree of Trust

January 7, 2024
~2 mins

In the fast-moving world of startups, shipping code is a crucial competitive advantage. But rapid deployment goes beyond just having the latest tools or the most comprehensive test suites; fundamentally, it’s also about trust.

Trust within your team is transformative. It means believing that each member will effectively handle their responsibilities, understanding that collective problem-solving is more powerful when issues arise, and recognizing that fast doesn’t equate to reckless. This trust is the foundation upon which successful, agile startups are built.

Notice any team or company that can ship quickly and often, and you’re likely to see high levels of trust as a common characteristic. This isn’t a mere coincidence; it’s a fundamental principle. Trust acts as the silent accelerator behind every successful, fast-moving team. It’s about shipping intelligently with a team you rely on.

Moreover, trust is instrumental in fostering an environment of psychological safety, a state where team members feel confident to take risks, voice their opinions, and express their ideas without fear of ridicule or blame. This psychological safety is crucial for innovation and agility. When team members feel secure, they’re more likely to propose innovative solutions, experiment with new approaches, and swiftly address and learn from any mistakes. This creates a virtuous cycle: as trust increases, so does the team’s ability to ship fast and effectively, further enhancing trust and psychological safety in turn.

In essence, trust and psychological safety aren’t just nice-to-have; they’re essential for any startup aiming to maintain a competitive edge through rapid and effective shipping. Building this culture of trust and safety is what sets apart the good from the truly great.

last modified January 7, 2024