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Embracing the weeds

March 9, 2024
~3 mins

We often hear the mantra “move fast and break things,” but what if I told you that “moving fast” also requires diving deep — getting into the weeds of every discussion, every idea, every potential innovation as much as possible. Yes, even when it seems counterintuitive.

The Art of Specifics

High-level conversations are comfortable. They’re the cruising altitude of discussions where the air is clear, and the view is broad. But it’s also where details get lost in the clouds. The risk of ambiguity and misalignment is high, and more often than not, this leads to the dreaded scope creep or, worse, missed opportunities and solutions. When we scope projects or ideate without diving into the nitty-gritty early on, we gloss over the intricacies that could either make or break our outcomes.

Talking in specifics is not just a practice; it’s a necessity. It allows for high-fidelity conversations and outcomes, ensuring that every participant is not just on the same page but on the exact same line. It’s about getting our hands dirty, even when we’re still at the drawing board. You don’t have to commit to the first idea that comes to mind, but discussing and dissecting these ideas in detail can significantly refine your direction and end result.

The Virtue of Early Feedback

A primary benefit of of embracing the specifics early on is the acceleration of the feedback loop. In situations where time is of the essence, knowing sooner rather than later whether an idea has legs can be the difference between success and failure. Early, detailed feedback helps navigate through the fog of uncertainty, allowing teams to pivot or persevere with confidence.

Culture of Openness and Innovation

By encouraging detailed discussions and the exploration of implementation details, you build a culture of openness. Ideas aren’t just shared; they’re challenged, stretched, and refined. This environment not only speeds up the innovation process but also creates a resilient and adaptable team dynamic. There’s a collective understanding that not every idea will fly, but every idea is worth examining closely. This isn’t about being married to one idea; it’s about being committed to uncovering the best one.

The Responsibility of Speed

In the startup ecosystem, moving fast is synonymous with staying ahead. But moving fast doesn’t mean skipping steps; it means covering ground thoroughly and quickly. It involves ruling out what doesn’t work as much as it involves pursuing what does. It’s about being agile enough to shift directions based on detailed, early feedback and being fearless in the face of potential failure because every detail examined is a lesson learned.

The next time you’re tempted to keep a conversation high-level, remember the power of specifics. Dive deep, move fast, and let the details drive you forward

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